Birthing Marketplace Ministries
Was my new business really another prophetic assignment? Two years
had passed. Two years of planning, struggling, and scraping by in order
to bring all the neccessary pieces together to fulfill this marketplace
I had spoken at a Full Gospel Assemply Church in Vancouver, B.C., Sunday February 19, 2006, and was resting the next day at a friend's home in Burnaby. I was reading the book 'Preparing the Way', by Cal Pierce.  It is the story of how God led him and his wife to reopen the healing rooms in Spokane Washington. An extremely anointed book! I highly recommend it.
Naturally, I was surprised when the idea to open Classics video stores came to mind while reading their testimony of God's leading. I dismissed the idea quickly, viewing it as a distraction, but the idea persisted.
Finally I said, "Okay Lord, I'll present this idea to my friend. Her response will be my first indication if this idea is really from you."
I shared the idea and her immediate response was, "What a great way to get salt out to the people." I was surprised as I'd fully expected her to say something negative like, how worldly the idea was.
Over the next few months the idea grew and was met with great anticipation by all who heard of it. I began to focus all my attention on developing the business, and on February 14, 2007, Classics Reel Entertainment was incorporated. I had amazing favor and the whole process was miraculously completed within 48 hours.
The business plan however is another story. I worked on it for many months. This was a most difficult undertaking. Nevertheless, after much perseverance, this daunting task was completed and received rave reviews.
Amazing Timing:
The months passed as I continued to work on the necessary details involved when planning a business. I researched suppliers, designers, and real estate options. With the weariness of persevering, the warfare of discouragement began to increase substantially. During this time, the Watchmen for the Nations invited the body of Christ to set aside 52 days of consecration in order to combat discouragement and hope deferred. I decided to join them. Little did I know the extent to which the sovereign hand of God was guiding me.
The end of the consecration call coincided with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, September 13. It was during this transition time, a 48 hour period, that I experienced the most severe enemy attack ever. I found myself battling for my very life. When the dust finally settled I understood why.
Not only had we entered into the Jewish new year of 5768, which carries incredible prophetic significance, CTV News also reported that our Canadian dollar rose to a 30 year high on September 14. This was the fulfillment of a prophetic word spoken through a well known prophet, Dr. Cindy Jacobs, a few years earlier.
Dr. Cindy Jacobs, along with Dr. Alistair Petrie, of Sentinel Ministries, and Kenny Blacksmith, founder of Gathering Nations International, along with other prophetic voices, share some very encouraging words regarding Canada's destiny.
The following are some quotes posted by Acts News Network Inc.:
"God, years ago, said to many saintly people in Canada, that the time would come when a revival will come to your land that would be 100 times more powerful than all the historical revivals to this date put together," says Rev. Dr. Alistair Petrie.
"And this revival will go to the ends of the earth. There will be a day when most of the people in Canada will be saved," concours Dr. Cindy Jacobs.
Kenny Blacksmith received revelation of this in a powerful dream: "The wave of the Presence of the glory of God is going to sweep this land, and is going to cover this whole land, and I'm beginning to see that."
"God is going to change the economy of Canada," says Cindy Jacobs. "Now you may look at that and wonder... how is that going to happen? But God has a way for that to happen if we pray. One day Canada will be so blessed that she will lend to many nations and not borrow. There will be a day when the Canadian dollar will be worth more than the US dollar. That's mind-bogglong!"
Rev. Mel Mullens of Word of Life Centre, Red Deer, Alberta, believes that God is going to bring healing and restoration to the land: "Our land has been struggling with kind of famine conditions over the last number of years... we believe that the farming community is going to respond and really come back to God."
"Wheat farmers, dairy farmers and beef farmers. This is the time to pray for farmers of Canada... and the fishermen. God wants to bring a blessing on the land," agrees Dr.Cindy Jacobs.
And why would God want to bless our nation to this extent?
"If you look into the history of Canada, Canada has always had a call to the nations. Whenever God has birthed something here in the spirit, it's never remained just within Canada," responds Stacey Campbell of Revival Now Ministries.
"Canada is called to heal nations," confirms Cindy Jacobs. "Revelation 22 says that the leaves on the tree of life are for the healing of the nations. So God has brought many nations here and these nations are going to change other nations."
"Revival takes finances, takes a lot of money. You're going to send relief all over the world. Canada will feed the poor, be the breadbasket that will send out wheat and all kinds of relief across the nations of the earth," Cindy prophesied.
The Final Push:
A couple of weeks before the birthing of Classics Reel Entertainment, I was moaning and groaning in spirit and wondering where the final push was. I was concerned as it seemed like I'd lost momentum.
During this time the Elijah List posted articles regarding spiritual birthing. One in particular they posted twice, two days consecutively. My concern about the final "push" was causing a growing sense of urgency. The enemy does not want to see the Kingdom of God advance. The article by Jessica Miller was confirming and very comforting.
It said in part: 'Many ministries, individuals and places are experiencing unprecedented difficulty. The onslaught seems to be targeting health, protection, relationships and finances. Much of it is demonic harassment; some are signs and wonders and the shaking and dethroning of principalities and powers.
All of this can be likened to what a woman experiences in the last few moments of giving birth--the process of bringing that new life into the natural seen realm can be very messy and somewhat violent. You feel like you can hardly go on for even one more moment, but you also know full well that to stop would mean death. Dear precious Body of Christ--we are in extreme, intense labor--and we can't stop. Push more--push harder into your breakthrough. Call family and friends to "push with you." Call upon others and "push with them!"
Let's not faint in despair or weariness. Let's push through to breakthrough--right now--don't wait until later!!! '
A God Of Detail:
On October 31, I received my GST and business numbers. All the legal documents for Classics reel Entertainment Inc. were now complete. The Canadian dollar had reached a 30 year record high, as prophesied by Cindy Jacobs. And the national Joseph assignment, which was completed two years prior, had laid a foundation for this framework. Prophetic declarations had been released. It was time for the delivery!
Delivery Day:
I was meeting once a week with some ladies to worship and minister to Jesus and each other. On Thursday November 1, 2007, God had something very special planned. Below is Trish LeVann's account of what happened that night. She was the one God used as a spiritual midwife for this assignment. When she placed her hand on the top of my head it was like the power of God exploded inside of me! It was definitely delivery time!
Here is Trish's account:
'Thursday november 1, in the Spirit after I laid hands on Sherry, I saw a myriad of angels in the room. They seemed to be in a flurry of activity and quite excited. Soon the attention was focused on Sherry. The room was full of light and glory.
I saw Sherry in the Spirit giving birth to many many spiritual babies, more than 20. Every time she had a contraction another spirit baby would be born. Angels were in order. They had a job to do. Each time a spirit baby was born, an angel would be waiting. The angel would take the baby, wrap it in it's left wing, looking at it fondly the entire time. The angel would then take the baby and leave. It was very busy because there was a time these babies were coming fast.
After the birthing, the glory was so full and heavy in the room. Sherry seemed intoxicated.
She related to us that she was walking in heaven and said, "It's so clean!" and giggled and giggled. There was another need in the room and I could see Sherry dragging herself out of heaven to minister to somebody else!'  
Post Delivery:
The next day I awoke with mixed feelings. The delivery had taken place. There was no doubt about that. I was acutely aware of the emtiness in my spiritual womb. Relief, mixed with a deep sense of sadness had replaced the anticipation of birthing. Then I realized a shocking truth. The angels had been at the delivery, lovingly carrying the babies as answered prayer to anxiously awaiting spiritual parents of these new marketplace ministries. But where was mine? Where was my baby, my Classics Reel Entertainment? Up to that moment I had not realized this was another prophetic assignment. My heart sank as an overwhelming sense of loss and betrayal began to seep in. I mention betrayal because I'd fully expected Classics Reel Entertainment Inc. was actually going to be developed. I had resisted the idea so intensely only to be completely convinced this truly was God's leading.
Later that day I called one of my intercessors. As we talked and prayed it became clearer that this was indeed another demonstrative intercessory assignment. But I needed more confirmation.
Jeremiah Bought A Field:
The next day as I awoke I heard the Lord say, "Jeremiah bought a field." I got my bible and read the story which is found in Jeremiah 32. God's people were being led into captivity by the Babylonians because of their disobedience. As a prophetic sign of God's faithfulness and promise to restore the Jews to their homeland, God told Jeremiah to buy his cousin's field. That one prophetic act of purchasing this field effected the entire nation of Israel as verses 43-45 declare.
"Once more fields will be bought in this land of which you say, 'It is desolate waste, without men or animals, for it has been handed over to the Babylonians.' Fields will be bought for silver, and deeds will be signed, sealed and witnessed in the territory of Benjamin, in the villages around Jerusalem, in the towns of Judah and in the towns of the hill country, of the western foothills of the Negev, because I will restore their fortunes, declares the Lord."
Jeremiah's act of purchasing his cousin's field had a national effect for the people of Israel. God was confirming that this was indeed, another national assignment. In like manor, Classics Reel Entertainment Inc. was developed to influence Canada's Marketplace Ministries.
Time will show the effect this assignment has had on Canadian Marketplace Ministries. My heart's desire is to see our great nation of Canada fulfill her destiny. May it be so for the sake of Jesus and the furtherance of His Kingdom.