Joseph's Coat for Canada
This has undoubtedly proven to be the most elaborate, and
challenging prophetic demonstrative assignment I have
experienced thus far.
The journey began July 2004, while attending a weekly
“soaking” meeting at Steve & Joanne Urwin’s home in Winfield,
B.C. Steve & Joanne are very anointed, and prophetically gifted
missionaries from England.
While laying & soaking in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, Father
God began speaking to me about Canada. In this vision, He focused my
attention on the individual provinces and territories beginning with British Columbia. He told me to get 3'x3' squares of linen material, one for each province & territory, and told me the individual colors of each one. These individual pieces were to be sealed between two thin pieces of plexi-glass, and placed on the land at strategic locations in each province & territory.  
Jesus then said a very profound thing. “I want you to help me place Joseph’s mantle on Canada to help release the anointing needed to fulfill her destiny.” 
In the vision I was hammering large spikes into the ground to hold the plaques into place, & I was wearing a multi-colored shawl which draped over my shoulders.
I asked the Lord to quickly provide the shawl and other various tools needed. Not only because I anticipated the many details involved with such a large assignment, but also for confirmation.
At the end of the vision, the Lord Jesus came riding towards me on a magnificently muscular white horse. He reached down His hand to draw me up with Him and asked, “Will you come ride with me across Canada?”
The vision impacted me greatly & I laid still, weeping quietly for a very long time.
These colored squares now laid out across our great nation, symbolize and witness that Canada has put on the robe of many colors her Father has made for her. 
This assignment was completed September, 2005. A booklet of the amazing details is available.