Vision of Northern Canada
In the Spring of 2002, while worshipping and in prayer, I had a
vision of northern Canada.  A territorial spirit in the form of a
huge black bed-sheet was over the north. I had a sword in my hand
which I raised up, cutting 3 huge slices in it. When I did this, gold
dust began to pour forth onto the people of the north.
Then Father God spoke and said, "Even as it snows in this place, so shall
I now 'snow down' my glory onto this people which will bring forth
healing, wholeness, & liberty to them."
I then saw many first nation & Inuit peoples coming forth over the horizon as far as the eye could see. There were men, women, elders, youth and children. Thousands upon thousands were coming forth. They had a peaceful innocence about them. They looked about as they walked, as if they had just been awakened.
Father God spoke again and said, "Even as in the past, these people came forth to war against the Europeans who came to conquer their land, they will now come forth with the gospel message of truth, hope and forgiveness to these same people."
God has destined our nation of Canada to bring healing to, and call forth the destiny of nations. In order to fulfill this mandate & walk in our true spiritual authority, Father God is healing our ancient wounds, and bringing maturity to the body of Christ.
I believe the Lord has said that the visit to the provinces, from a delegation of Inuit leaders in the Summer of 2007, led by Charlie Inuarak of Pond Inlet, is a 'key' He has placed in the lock of the door between northern and southern Canada. Jesus is turning the key, and opening this door which will remain open for future generations.
Two weeks later this prophetic word was read over CBC radio north. The healing has begun.